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Portulaca Watermelon Punch



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Bubble Tea



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Lemon Grass Water

Recipe for 28 oz of infused water: 2 two-inch cuts of lemongrass + 8 hand-torn mint leaves. Chill for 24 hours, then strain before serving. Keep the top grassy part of your lemongrass stalk to serve as a garnish. Enjoy!.


Very heat tolerant. Can be kept on the dry side. Sun. Grows 4-6” tall and trails.

Great in baskets, containers, or beds.


Height: 2-3ft


Spread: 3-5ft


Bloom: Purple


Full Sun


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Tecoma Sun Trumpets



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 This plant grows to just 1 to 3 feet & blooms continuously, making it a great featured plant in large mixed combos.


-Heat tolerant

-Continuous blooming
-Well branching
-Self cleaning

-Thrives in heat


Care: Water often to keep soil slightly moist.


Available in

*Hanging Baskets



New This Season...

Thanks to the warm light and the soft swaying in the wind the Cazador will bring harmony and sunshine into your life – whether the sun shines or not. Even on a dull day the suncatcher will turn invisible light into visible light. Each glance at the garden or at the balcony will bring a smile on your face, for light is nourishment for the soul.

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