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Seedin & Weedin...

Remember Mom!

May 8, 2016



Getting to the Root of it...


Potted Combinations

starting at just $8.99

Bonus Bucks are Back!


Earn $5 for every $50 purchased from

May 1- June 1 2016!


Use your bonus Bucks for up to 50% off your total purchase from

June 15-July 31, 2016.

ex: $5 off a $10 (or more) purchase

Gift Cards Available!

Wanted: Bees to Pollinate



It is estimated that more than 1,300 types of plants are grown around the world for food, beverages, medicines, condiments, spices and even fabric. Of these, about 75% are pollinated. More than one of every three bites of food we eat or beverages we drink are directly because of pollinators. Indirectly, pollinators ultimately play a role in the majority of what we eat and consume.


Worldwide, over half the diet of fats and oils comes from crops pollinated by animals. They facilitate the reproduction in 90% of the world’s flowering plants.


You can make a positive difference in your home environment. Provide a diverse assortment of flowering plants and encourage native species in your landscape.


Pink Lemonade

Glossy Grape

Water Wheel

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Tea Party

wine Garden Make & Take

Car Night


The Dirt...






Night Sky



Green Scene...






Deutzia Yuki

Cherry Blossom


 Dig This...


-Full Sun/

Part Shade


-10-13 in spread

-10-13 in high


Height: 12-24 in.

Spread: 12-24 in.

Part Sun to Sun

Resists: Deer



Monday- Saturday

9 am - 8 pm


9 am - 6pm

Bench's Greenhouse & Nursery

Your Place for All Seasons!

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